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Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport Hotel

Sawasdee! and Welcome to Sananwan Palace

Presenting Traditional Thai Massage
at Sanawan Palace
Sanawan Palace is a hotel close to the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

We have an on-call Masseuse on staff ready to provide you with a relaxing 1 or 2 hour massage. Let go of the days stress and tensions, take a nice hot shower, and a traditional thai massage, you will be good as new again!

If you just flew into Bangkok, a nice relaxing massage will do wonders for you, after sitting in a plane for hours!

Please let us know at the front desk and we will make the arrangements for you.

A Traditional Thai massage, oil massage or foot massage will soothe your body from the aches and pains of the daily wear and tear on your body. A Traditional Thai massage is very affordable, compared to what it would cost you in the western world. In US dollars, a Thai massage comes out to $5.00 an hour, if you got a massage in the USA, it would cost around $35.00 and up to $75 in some exclusive spas.

A foot massage is one of the most relaxing things we recommend, you will get so comfortable, that you will most likely fall asleep.

The Thai oil massage is more of a deep tissue and very relaxing massage, its something you need to try at least once, when you come to Thailand!

Our Thai massage lady is trained to provide the best care for you, as a customer, you can suggest a soft massage or strong massage. She has been working as a massage therapist for 10 years.

Cost of a Thai massage for 1 hour:
Traditional Thai Massage = 200 baht
Thai Foot Massage =
200 baht
Thai Oil Massage =
400 baht

Here are some good Thai words to know if you like Thai massage:
Nuat = massage (noo aht)
Shop = like
Bao bao = softly (bow like as in the bow of a boat)
Knock knock = hard pressure
Maak = a lot (sounds like Mark)
Jep = hurt
Dee = good
Sabai Dee = I am fine
You will always hear Sabai Dee mai? Are you OK? Answer: Sabai Dee!

Example: shop nuat bao bao = I like soft or gentle massage (lit: like massage softly)


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Sananwan Palace
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